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A foggy glass window can be a real trouble. For starters, you can’t see what’s happening outside. Plus, it can ruin your efforts to create perfect interior design and deprive you of feeling comfortable in your own home. Finally, condensation turns into water drops that accumulate on your window sills or between the panes, creating a favourable environment for mold. This problem will eventually grow, so don’t waste your time and take advantage of foggy window repair service in Chicago, IL.

Reasons Why You Might Need Foggy Window Fix

Basically, you need foggy window glass repair when moisture gets between the window panes. Double pane windows typically have a layer of gas (most often, it’s Argon) that functions as insulation and doesn’t let the moist air inside. However, water might get between the panes, creating condensation. It might happen due to the following reasons:

  • broken window seals;
  • exceeding the saturation point of the absorbent;
  • mold;
  • cracks in a glass unit;
  • errors made in the process of windows installation.
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Is It Possible to Do Foggy Glass Repair on Your Own?

There are lots of pages on the Internet that promise to teach you how to easily repair fogged window by yourself. Still, you should think twice before taking this kind of decision.

First off, it’s not as cheap as you think. People who pursue DIY projects usually expect saving money. Fair enough: you don’t pay for work because you do it on your own, you spend money only on materials. While window repair experts have a lot of experience of working with different materials and know which are the best, you might fail to choose the right ones.

That it’s not an easy task to seal the window properly and you can end up having your fogged glass repair redone by a professional. Keep in mind that foggy window fix requires specific knowledge and experience, so it’s a good idea to entrust this job to an expert.

What is more, it’s very likely that you don’t have the right tools at home. Most quality tools are costly so it’s one more reason to hire a professional who will make your foggy glass repair quickly and safely.

Next, if you make errors in the process of repairing foggy windows, you risk getting higher energy bills. Repairing the window seal by professionals ensures separating the inside and outside temperatures and eliminating drafts. It’s difficult to achieve such results without experience and training.

Finally, by doing foggy glass window repair on your own, you lose the opportunity to have a warranty. On the contrary, hiring experts will mean that you get insurance for their service.

All in all, foggy glass repair as well as window replacement require extensive expertise and you risk paying twice if you decide to do it yourself. 

Entrust Repairing Fogged Windows to an Experienced Team

Our team in Chicago has fixed thousands of windows and deserved the trust of a great number of customers. We appreciate each of our clients and do our best to provide quick and quality service at affordable prices. That’s why we examine the window first of all and then offer a possible solution.

We Can Defog Double Pane Windows

If it’s possible to defog double pane windows, we never offer our clients to replace the entire casement, which usually means extra expenses. Be sure that our experts know how to defog double pane windows and are always ready to give you a hand. 

First, we make two (or more for bigger windows) unnoticeable holes in the pane. These holes help to remove the moisture and let in dry air later. Then we wash the inner surfaces of the window with a special solution that removes all the deposits and stains. After that, our experts rinse the glass with another solution that facilitates the process of drying. Next, we use the special sealer to cover the bottom spacer bar as this area is typically where most of the water enters from a damaged window seal. Finally, we plug a vent into the holes to let the windows get completely dry. Obviously, defogging double pane windows is not an easy job, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and get the professional service.

We Do Foggy Window Glass Replacement

Sometimes moisture can get in between the glass units due to some damages like cracks. In this case, you’ll need foggy window glass replacement. Our team has considerable experience of foggy glass replacement in windows of various shapes and sizes, triple-, double- and single pane. We utilize high-quality materials and tools to ensure the best results of our work. 

What Is Foggy Window Repair Cost?

The foggy window repair cost in Chicago, IL depends upon your case. So give us a call, and our customer support representatives will provide the most detailed answers to all of your questions. We do our best to provide excellent service at a reasonable price to meet the needs of our customers.

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